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Adams and Brooks

Adams and Brooks/ Twirl Pop/American Candy Company, Inc.

Alco Sign Company

Alco Sign Company/Poyant Sign

All Felt Products, Inc.

All Felt Products, Inc. / American Felt & Filter

Alliance Business Centers

Alliance Business Centers/Corporate, Ltd.

American Brush Company

American Brush Company/ Ohtsuka Brush/ The Linzer Products Corp./Stanley Tools/The Stanley Works

American Candy Company, Inc.

Adams and Brooks/Twirl Pop/American Candy Co., Inc.

Concord Confections, Inc./Wax Candy Division/American Candy Co., Inc.

American Felt & Filter Co.

American Felt & Filter/All Felt Products, Inc.

American Felt & Filter/Southern Felt Company

American Pneumatic

American Pneumatic/ The Stanley Works/Ingersoll Rand

Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc.

Applied Extrusion/The Founders Fund L.P./CIT Group/Venture Capital

Avista Corporation

Avista/ Pentzer Corporation Systran Financial/Textron Financial

Avista/Pentzer/ Store Fixture Solutions Group/ Heritage Partners


BAIGLOBAL ZS Fund/Market Facts

BancBoston Capital

BancBoston Capital/Bright Star Industries/Koehler Manufacturing

BancBoston Capital/Language Management International/Berlitz International

Berlitz International

Berlitz International BancBoston Capital/Language Management International

Blanche P. Field, Inc.

Blanche P. Field/Walk Schieffelin & Associates

Botts Capital Partners LP

Botts Capital Partners LP/Infrasoft Corporation

BPB Industries plc

BPB/ Westroc/Marco Tape/Stanley Tools/The Stanley Works

Bright Star Industries

Bright Star Industries/ BancBoston Capital/Koehler Manufacturing


Cadaco/Rapid Displays/Harmony Toy, Ltd.

Case Shiller Weiss, Inc.

Fiserv, Inc./Case Shiller Weiss, Inc.

Castellucci Group

Castellucci Group/High Street Group/Castellucci Stone

Castellucci Stone Industries

Castellucci Stone /High Street Group/Castellucci Group

C&H Distributors, Inc.

C&H Distributors/Kaiser & Kraft/Direct Safety/Mail Media/The Stanley Works

Chicago Protective Apparel

Chicago Protective Apparel/Safeguard America, Inc.

Cider Mills Company, Inc.

Cider Mills Co., Inc./ Cider Mills Farms Co., Inc.

Cider Mills Farms Co., Inc.

Cider Mills Farms Co., Inc./ Cider Mills Co., Inc.

The CIT Group/Venture Capital, Inc.

CIT Group/Venture Capital/ The Founders Fund L.P./ Applied Extrusion

CLT Research Associates, Inc.

CLT Research Associates/Protocol Communications

Commonwealth Sprague Capacitor, Inc.

Eaton Corp./Commonwealth Sprague Capacitor, Power Systems Div.

Concord Confections

Concord Confections, Inc./Wax Candy Division/American Candy Co., Inc.

Contact East

Contact East/Advent International Corporation

Contact East/The Stanley Works

Cook Enterprises, Inc.

Cook Enterprises, Inc./The Langley Corporation

Corporate, Ltd.

Corporate, Ltd. /Alliance Business Centers

Country Bank Holdings

Country Bank Holdings /Advent International

CML Group, Inc.

CML Group/Woodcraft Supply

CML Group/Hear Music/Tympanum, Inc.

Creative Solutions Group

Creative Solutions Group/Pentzer Corporation/Heritage Partners

Direct Safety

Direct Safety/ Kaiser & Kraft/ C&H Distributors/Mail Media/The Stanley Works

Dynapower Corporation

Dynapower Corporation /Rapid Power Technologies, Inc.

Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation/Commonwealth Sprague Capacitor, Inc.

ESP Lock Products

ESP Lock Products/Fulham & Company/Rad Locks

Fairview Printing

Fairview Printing/United Lithograph


Guideline /FIND/SVP

Fiserv, Inc.

Fiserv, Inc./Case Shiller Weiss, Inc.

The Founders Fund L.P.

The Founders Fund L.P./AppliedExtrusion/CIT Group/Venture Capital

Fulham & Company

Fulham & Company /SSC Holdings/Safety Speed Cut/Pentzer Corporation

Fulham & Company/ ESP Lock Products/Rad Locks

Gate Operator Business

Gate Operator Business/Moore-o-Matic/Whistler Corp./Nortek Inc.

General Electric

General Electric Aerovox Inc.

General Electric /Intl. Paper Box /Western Slope

Geo. McQuesten Co., Inc.

Geo. McQuesten Co., Inc. Hood Industries

Glen Ledges, L.P.

Glen Ledges/Northland, Inc

Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison

Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison/Western Reserve Products/ODL, Inc.

Great American Video

Great American Video West Coast Entertainment

Guideline Research Corporation

Guideline /FIND/SVP

G.V. Management, Inc.

G.V. Management /XTRA-VISION plc/Videosmith

Harmony Toy, Ltd.

Harmony Toy, Ltd. Rapid Displays, Inc./Cadaco

Hear Music

Hear Music /CML Group/Tympanum, Inc.

Heritage Partners

Heritage Partners/Creative Solutions Group/Pentzer Corporation

Avista Corporation/Pentzer Corporation/Store Fixtures Solutions Group/Heritage Partners

High Street Group L.P.P.

High Street Group/Castellucci Group/Castellucci Stone

The Hopkins Group

The Hopkins Group/Metrovideo

Hood Industries, Inc.

Hood Industries/Geo. McQuesten Co., Inc.

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

Illinois Tool Works/Syon Corporation

Imperia Cabinet Corporation

Imperia Cabinet/ Management Resource Group/RECOLL Management


Ingersoll Rand/ American Pneumatic/ The Stanley Works

Innovative Technologies Group USA

Innovative Technologies Group USA Voltarc/ PerkinElmer

Interbank Capital Group

Interbank Capital Group/U.S. Mills Inc.

International Paper Box Machine

General Electric /Intl. Paper Box /Western Slope


IRSG/ Pentzer Corporation Avista/Keystone Capital

Jack Post Corporation

Jack Post/Seasonal Products/Standex International

Jilcraft, Inc.

Jilcraft, Inc./Lerner Graphics/Rivkind Associates

J&J Marketing, Inc.

J& J Marketing Inc./Whistler Corporation

Jos. Silverman & Co.

Jos. Silverman & Co./Retail Associates Management

Kaiser & Kraft

Kaiser & Kraft/ C&H Distributors/Direct Safety/Mail Media/The Stanley Works

Keystone Capital

Keystone Capital/ IRSG/ Pentzer Corporation Avista

Judson Technologies Keystone Capital PerkinElmer

Koehler Manufacturing

Koehler Manufacturing Bright Star Industries/ BancBoston Capital

The Langley Corporation

The Langley Corporation /Cook Enterprises, Inc.

Language Management International

BancBoston Capital/Language Management International/Berlitz International

Leather Shop Accessories

Leather Shop Accessories/TLS/RECOLL

Lerner Graphics

Lerner Graphics /Jilcraft, Inc./Rivkind Associates

Life-Like Products, Inc.

Life-Like Products Inc./The Florida Division of Tech Pak, Inc.


Linear/Whistler Corporation

The Liner Agency, Inc.

The Liner Agency/Agency Management Technologies

The Linzer Products Corp.

The Linzer Products Corp./Ohtsuka Brush/American Brush Company/Stanley Tools/The Stanley Works

Mann Edge Tool Co.

Mann Edge Tool/The Stanley Works/Hammer Handle Business

Mail Media

Mail Media/Direct Safety/Kaiser & Kraft/C&H Distributors/The Stanley Works

Management Resource Group,Inc.

Management Resource Group/Imperia Cabinet/RECOLL Management

Management Resource Group/ Protech Leather Apparel

Marco Tape

Marco Tape/ BPB/ Westroc/Stanley Tools/The Stanley Works

Market Facts, Inc.

Market Facts/ZS Fund/BAIGLOBAL

Marson Corporation

Marson/Orion Partners/Stanley Creative Rivet/Stanley-Bostich/The Stanley Works

May Coatings, Inc.

May Coatings/Acumeter Laboratories

Merlin Materials, Inc.

Merlin Materials Inc./Merlin Metalworks, Inc.

Merlin Metalworks, Inc.

Merlin Metalworks, Inc./Merlin Materials Inc.


Metrovideo/ The Hopkins Group

Metz Placement Services

Metz Placement Services/ Ward Personnel, Inc.

Missouri Metals Division

Missouri Metals Division/ PerkinElmer/Omni Investors Group

Modern Media Corporation

Modern Media Corporation/ Northern Group/ Videosmith


Moore-o-Matic/ Gate Operator Business/Whistler Corp./Nortek Inc.

National Starch

National Starch/Unilever/Tra-Con/New England Growth Fund

Newell Co.

Newell/Adams Brush Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

New England Capital Management, Inc.

New England Capital Management/Van Lumber Co.

New England Envelope

New England Envelope/ Westvaco Corp, Inc.

New England Growth Fund

New England Growth Fund Tra-Con/ Unilever/ National Starch>

New England Medical Apparatus

New England Medical Apparatus Standex International/ Williams Healthcare Systems

The Northern Group

Northern Group/ Modern Media Corporation /Videosmith

Nortek, Inc.

Nortek Inc./Moore-o-Matic/Gate Operator Business/Whistler Corp.

Northland, Inc.

Northland/Glen Ledges

NorSun Food Group LLC

NorSun Food Group LLC/ Sentinel Capital Partners

ODL, Inc.

ODL, Inc./Western Reserve Products/ Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison

Ohtsuka Brush

Ohtsuka Brush/ The Linzer Products Corp./American Brush Company/Stanley Tools/The Stanley Works

Omni Investors Group

Omni Investors Group/ Missouri Metals Division/ PerkinElmer


Opticon/ Thermo Vision Corp

Orion Partners, L.P.

Orion Partners /Marson/Stanley Creative Rivet/Stanley-Bostich/The Stanley Works

Pentzer Corporation

Pentzer Corporation/SSC Holdings/Fulham & Company/Safety Speed Cut

Pentzer Corporation/Avista/Systran Financial/Textron Financial

Pentzer Corporation/Avista/IRSG/Keystone Capital

Pentzer Corporation/Creative Solutions Group/Heritage Partners

Avista Corporation/Pentzer Corporation/Store Fixtures Solutions Group/Heritage Partners


PerkinElmer/Advanced Strobe Products

PerkinElmer/Judson Technologies/Keystone Capital

PerkinElmer/Lighting Technologies Intl.

PerkinElmer/Missouri Metals Division/Omni Investors Group

PerkinElmer/Voltarc/Innovative Technologies Group USA

PerkinElmer/Wolfram Lighting

Pockets of Learning

Pockets of Learning/The Triad Group

Poyant Sign, Inc.

Poyant Sign/Alco Sign Company

Protech Leather Apparel, Inc.

Protech Leather Apparel Management Resource Group

Protocol Communications

Protocol Communications/CLT Research Associates

Rad Locks, Inc.

Rad Locks/ ESP Lock Products/Fulham & Company

Rapid Displays, Inc.

Rapid Displays, Inc./Cadaco/Harmony Toy, Ltd.

Rapid Power Technologies, Inc.

Dynapower Corporation/Rapid Power Technologies, Inc.

RECOLL Management Corp.

RECOLL/TLS/Leather Shop Accessories RECOLL/ Management Resource Group/Imperia Cabine

Retail Associate Management Co.

Retail Associates Management/Jos. Silverman & Co.

Retail Associates Management/Tile City

Rivkind Associates

Rivkind Associates/ Lerner Graphics /Jilcraft, Inc.

Russell Gibson von Dohlen, Inc.

Russell Gibson von Dohlen/Steckler LaBau Arneill McManus

Safeguard America, Inc.

Safeguard America, Inc./Chicago Protective Apparel

Sentinel Capital Partners

Sentinel Capital Partners/NorSun Food Group LLC

Safety Speed Cut

Safety Speed Cut/ Fulham & Company/SSC Holdings/Pentzer Corporation

Seasonal Products Business

Seasonal Products/Standex International/Jack Post

Simonds Industries

Simonds Industries, Inc./ Wilton Corporation

Schaefer Brush Manufacturing

Schaefer Brush Manufacturing/Worcester Brush

Southern Felt Company

Southern Felt Company/American Felt & Filter

Spaulding, Ltd.

Spaulding Ltd./Tripifoods, Inc.

Spectrum Metals

Spectrum Metals/TEK Supply

SSC Holdings, Inc.

SSC Holdings/Fulham & Company/Safety Speed Cut/Pentzer Corporation

Standex International Corporation

Standex International/Seasonal Products/Jack Post

Standex International/Williams Healthcare Systems/New England Medical Apparatus

Stanley-Bostitch, Inc.

Stanley-Bostich/ Stanley Creative Rivet/ Orion Partners/  Marson/The Stanley Works

Stanley Creative Rivet

Stanley Creative Rivet/ Orion Partners/ Marson/Stanley-Bostich/The Stanley Works

Stanley Tools

Stanley Tools/ Marco Tape/ BPB/ Westroc/The Stanley Works

Stanley Tools/ American Brush Company/Ohtsuka Brush/The Linzer Products Corp./The Stanley Works

The Stanley Works

The Stanley Works/ Stanley Creative Rivet/OrionPartners/Marson/Stanley-Bostich

Mail Media/ Direct Safety/Kaiser & Kraft/ C&H Distributors/The Stanley Works

The Stanley Works /Stanley Tools/ American Brush Company/ Ohtsuka Brush/ The Linzer Products Corp.

The Stanley Works /Hammer Handle Business/Mann Edge Tool

The Stanley Works/American Pneumatic/Ingersoll Rand

The Stanley Works/Contact East

Steckler LaBau Arneill McManus

Steckler LaBau Arneill McManus/ Russell Gibson von Dohlen

Syon Corporation

Syon Corporation/Illinois Tool Works

Systran Financial

Systran Financial/ Pentzer Corporation/ Textron Financial

TEK Supply

TEK Supply/Spectrum Metals

Textron Financial

Textron Financial Systran Financial/ Avista/ Pentzer Corporation

Thermo Vision Corp.

Thermo Vision Corp/Opticon

Tile City

Tile City/ Retail Associates Management

TLS Acquisitions, Inc.

TLS/Leather Shop Accessories/RECOLL

Tra-Con, Inc.

Tra-Con/Unilever/National Starch/>New England Growth Fund

The Triad Group

The Triad Group/Pockets of Learning

Tripifoods, Inc.

Tripifoods, Inc. /Spaulding, Ltd.

Tympanum, Inc.

Tympanum/CMLGroup/Hear Music


Unilever/ National Starch Tra-Con/New England Growth Fund

United Lithograph

United Lithograph/Fairview Printing

U.S. Mills, Inc.

U.S. Mills Inc./ Interbank Capital Group

Van Lumber Co.,Inc.

Van Lumber Co./ New England Capital Management

Video King

West Coast Entertainment/Video King

Videosmith, Inc.

Videosmith/Northern Group/ Modern Media Corporation

Videosmith/ XTRA-VISION plc/G.V. Management


Voltarc/ PerkinElmer/Innovative Technologies Group USA

Walk Schieffelin & Associates LLC

Walk Schieffelin & Associates/Blanche P. Field, Inc.

Ward Personnel, Inc.

Ward Personnel, Inc./Metz Placement Services

West Coast Entertainment Corporation

West Coast Entertainment/Great American Video

West Coast Entertainment/Video King

Western Reserve Products

Western Reserve Products/ Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison/ODL, Inc.

Western Slope Industries

General Electric /Intl. Paper Box /Western Slope

Westroc Industries

Westroc/BPB/Marco Tape/Stanley Tools/The Stanley Works

Westvaco Corp., Inc.

Westvaco Corp, Inc./New England Envelope

Whistler Corporation

Whistler Corporation/Gate Operator Business/Moore-o-Matic/Nortek, Inc.

Whistler Corporation/Linear

Whistler Corporation/J & J Marketing

Williams Healthcare Systems

Standex International/Williams Healthcare Systems/ New England Medical Apparatus

Wilton Corporation

Wilton Corporation/Simonds Industries, Inc.

Wolfram Lighting

PerkinElmer/Wolfram Lighting

Worcester Brush

Worcester Brush/Schaefer Brush Manufacturing

Woodcraft Supply Corp.

Woodcraft Supply/CML Group


XTRA-VISION plc/Videosmith/G.V. Management

ZS Fund L.P.

ZS Fund/ Market Facts/BAIGLOBAL

Includes clients that NEBEX represented at prior firms


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